Weight Loss Health Programme

The Weight Loss Health Programme offers you a chance to lose weight with a health nutrition plan, without hunger, medications or health risks. The combination of a specific dietary regimen and physical exercise leads to regulated reduction of excessive weight.
Weight Loss Health Programme


The programme includes:

  • Personal consultation with a dietician and a health nutrition specialist.
  • Development of a personal dietary regimen consistent with the health condition of the client, and of nutrition guidelines to follow after the end of the health programme.
  • Personal record (guest folder) to enter the healing changes that the client undergoes.
  • Monitoring of weight, blood pressure, and pulse and blood sugar levels.
  • Health nutrition programme - 3 meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner, which include:
    • Juice therapy (fruit and vegetable juices).
    • Super foods and additives.
    • Herbal teas and mountain honey (or fructose).
    • Probiotic healing yogurt of seeds and nuts.
    • Main courses (combination of cereals and legumes, and vegetables) – sauces, dressings, pates, bouillons, soups, bread, crackers, vegan balls, and traditional Bulgarian dishes.
  • Healthy foods and lifestyle lectures.
  • Healthy foods cooking demonstration.
  • Yoga and breathing exercises.
  • Meditation and relaxation.
  • Hikes and nature walks.
  • Fitness facilities.

The team of Еden Park will draw up personal regimens and meals for each client according to his/her health condition in order to achieve efficient and stress-free healing results.

Duration of the Weight Loss Health Programme:


Price – 650EUR

Expected results:

  • Respite of the body.
  • Reduction of body weight by 2-5 kilograms.
  • Boost of spirits and confidence.
  • Acquisition of knowledge about the basic rules of therapeutic foods and eating, gradual increase of food intake, and healing practices.